Reinvent the rules

Evnia aims to be the most welcoming gaming brand by offering a sleek monitor design and a fresh perspective that allows everyone to own their gaming experience.

Evnia (Greek: Εύνοια) stands for eu (good) + nous (mind) and , in a literal sense, it means "to show interest in protecting and supporting someone".

We are the support system, or the Evnia, for everyone looking to find their spot in the gaming world. Evnia aims to rekindle and reinvent the joy of gaming.

To us, anyone can be a gamer.


Evnia speaks to everyone regardless of gender, age or level of gaming.


Evnia strives to be an advocate for postive change in our industry while also maintaining a playful spirit.


Evnia is forward-thinking and inventive. Our pioneering and inclusive approach intends to create a modern ambiance in the gaming realm while also harnessing the experience of the Philips' brand.