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Our Three-Year OLED and QD OLED Warranty

Philips' OLED and QD OLED displays are covered by a three-year factory warranty; which includes OLED and QD OLED burn-in coverage*. To provide you with an extra layer of security, we have included some basic care guidelines for each applicable OLED and QD OLED product and this can be found under the "Special Care for OLED Monitors" and "Special Care for QD OLED Monitors" documents located in the Manuals and Documentation section of the Philips support page for the corresponding product.

* Subject to Philips' Warranty terms. Coverage for OLED and QD OLED burn-in is subject to adherence to the model-specific "Special Care for OLED Monitors" and
"Special Care for QD OLED monitors" documents. Valid in the EU region only.
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Ultra Wide-Color wider range of colours for a vivid picture

Ultra Wide-Color Technology delivers a wider spectrum of colours for a more brilliant picture. The Ultra Wide-Color wider "colour gamut" produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues. Bring media entertainment, images and even productivity more alive with vivid colours from Ultra Wide-Color Technology.

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Technical specifications

Picture/ Display

Panel Size
34 inch / 86.36 cm
Effective viewing area
800.1 (H) x 337.1 (V) - at a 1800R curvature*
Display Screen coating
Anti-reflection, 2H
Aspect Ratio
Response time (typical)
0.03 ms (Grey to Grey)*
Contrast ratio (typical)
Pixel Pitch
0.2315 x 0.2315 mm
Viewing Angle
178º (H)/178º (V); @ C/R > 10000
Display colours
Colour support 1.07 billion colours (10-bit)
Scanning Frequency
HDMI: 30 - 160 kHz (H)/48 - 100 Hz (V), DP/USB-C: 30 - 255 kHz (H)/48 - 175 Hz (V)
Picture enhancement
SmartImage game
Pixel Density
109.68 PPI
LowBlue Mode
Adaptive Sync
Delta E
<2 (sRGB)
Maximum Resolution
HDMI: 3440 x 1440 @ 100 Hz, DP/USB-C: 3440 x 1440 @ 175 Hz
Low Input Lag
4 sided
Monitor panel type
Pixel format
RGB Q-Stripe*
Brightness (nits)
SDR: 250 (APL 100%) nit, HDR: 450 (APL 10%) nit, HDR E/P: 1000 (APL 3%)
Mega Infinity DCR
Colour Gamut (typical)
NTSC 121.3%*, sRGB 148.8%*, Adobe RGB 97.8%*
Colour Gamut (min.)
DCI-P3: 99.3%*
DisplayHDR True Black 400 certified
  • Radius of the arc of the display curvature in mm
  • Active pixels: 3440 (H) x 1440 (V). Number of total pixels: 3456 (H) x 1456 (V); extra 8 pixels on each side, space reserved for pixel orbiting.
  • Response time value equal to SmartResponse. The measurement pattern is 1 horizontal line.
  • For best output performance, please always ensure that your graphic card is capable of achieving the maximum resolution and refresh rate of this Philips display.
  • DCI-P3 Coverage based on CIE1976
  • NTSC Area based on CIE 1976
  • sRGB Area based on CIE1931
  • Adobe RGB Coverage based on CIE 1976
  • For USB-C power and charging function, your Notebook/device must support USB-C standard Power Delivery specifications. Please check with your Notebook user manual or manufacturer for more details.
  • For Video transmission via USB-C, your Notebook/device must support USB-C DP Alt mode
  • The ratio of display emission light in the range from 415 - 455 nm to the display emission of 400 - 500 nm shall be less than 50%.
  • The monitor may look different from feature images.